39 Itunes songs for $39 or 95MILLION files for $39 from thousands of categories?


What do you choose?
$39 for about 39 or 40 Itunes songs from Apple Website
$39 for more than 95million files for your Ipod from thousands of categories from FeedMyIpod.com?

Yes, more than 95million files for $38.95 on FeedMyIpods.com. It is a one time joining fee, after that you can enjoy as many songs, movies and other media as you wish. You get a huge selection of Pod downloads, you can download it 24hrs a day, you get 24hrs technical support, step by step video tutorials to get you started, free cd burning software to backup your downloads, high quality digital files for your Ipod and lots more for just $38.95. Yes, it's not even $39.

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What do I think?

I usually do not recommend products on my Blog, but this thing is really very good. You only have to pay the small joining fee and then the whole collection of 95million files including songs, videos and other media is yours. Downloading the same amount of files from pay per download sites will cost you lots of money. Instead, join FeedMyIpods.com for only $38.95now and begin downloading your favorite songs or movies for you Ipod legally in minutes. Yes, it is absolutely legal.

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Also note..
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