How To Use An iPod - Basics And Tricks On How To Use An iPod Properly


The Ipod is an amazing device. Apple has worked hard to not make it very complicated. Hence, we' re able to use it efficiently and easily. However there are some basic things and tricks you need to know to make the most of your Ipod.

How to Use your Ipod. Hardware

Hardware section of this article will basically consist of the external parts of the Ipod, like the buttons,using the USB, the battery, etc.

To use your Ipod, you need to know which key does what. There are many versions of the Ipod and all of them have different types of buttons at different places, so I won't be able to provide much info on that. To know your buttons of you version of Ipod, better check the Apple official site for help.

To connect your Ipod into your PC, you need to plug it into your USB.

How to use the battery of the Ipod?

You cannot remove the Ipod battery. Keep in mind. Whenever there's a problem, visit the service center. Keep it charged. You can charge it from your PC or using an Apple iPod USB Power Adapter by which you will be able to charge your Ipod without having to keep your PC powered on.

How to Use your Ipod. Software

Software section of this article will help you with using your Ipod from the inside.

Most important thing about your Ipod is the transfer of songs and files. You should be able to know how to put music on your Ipod. All you have to do is to connect your Ipod to your PC, open Itunes software, drag songs into Itunes, and your songs and files will be synced into your Ipod automatically.

You have the play/pause, forward, rewind, menu buttons on your Ipod. I' m sure I don't need to explain what they do cause their name says it.

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