How Do You Transfer Music To An iPod - The Simplest Tutorial


This simple tutorial will teach you how do you transfer music to an Ipod or how to put music to Ipod. This is a really simple tutorial which will teach you how do you transfer music to an iPod or how to put music to iPod the easy way. Putting music to Ipod is absolutely simple but sometimes you can get confused. So, read this article and start transferring music to your Ipod. Read this article transfer music, then enjoy listening to them.

Before putting songs on your Ipod, you have to first put them on your computer.. You have to download them to your pc. To download, you can go to a trust able download site like the Official Apple site itself. It is probably 99cents per song.

After you've got the songs, you have to put them onto your Ipod.

To do that, you need Itunes. Download Itunes for free from the Apple website (http://www.apple.com/itunes/).

Now that you have Itunes, you can drag songs from your pc on to Itunes directly and make a collection of songs in Itunes.

Plug your Ipod into your computer through the USB.

Your collection of songs will automatically be synced onto your Ipod.

You can also put music from your cds onto your Ipod. If you have some great cds which you got for a lot of money and don't want to spend on downloading them again from the internet, you can directly transfer music to an Ipod through cds. You have to put music from your cds into Itunes and thus your Ipod.

So, this is how you transfer music to an ipod easily.

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