How to Clean Ipods. How do I clean my Ipod? How to clean the Ipod touch screen?


Cleaning Ipods

How do I clean my Ipod?
Cleaning your Ipod might be a really difficult task. You have to keep in mind that you don't spoil it or that it doesn't stop working.

If you clean your Ipod regularly, you can clean it with a soft cloth which is lint free. And on alternate days, maybe on Sundays, you can use a mild glass cleaner and apply it on a soft lint free cloth. Then carefully clean the Ipod using the cloth. To clean the screen of the Ipod, I recommend you to use special cloth designed to clean glass. Or if you have money to spend, you can choose and buy some good Ipod or Ipod screen cleaners available in the market.

How to clean the Ipod touch?

It's almost the same as cleaning a normal Ipod screen. You have to use a glass cleaner but it should be non ammonia based. And for the cloth, you can use a cloth used for cleaning glass. You have to take special care of the Ipod Touch. And remember to apply the cleaner on the cloth first and then clean the screen. Not to put the cleaner on the screen directly.

Now you know How to clean an Ipod and it's screen and How to clean the Ipod touch screen. Take care of your Ipod and keep cleaning it weekly or even monthly.

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