History of the Ipod. The invention of the APPLE IPOD.


Let me make the history of the Ipod a bit interesting for you.
Once upon a time, digital music players were a small market. Nobody seemed to have much interest in music players. Apple Inc. was wondering what next to produce and succeed. They could have made digital cameras and handy cams. But these electronics already had their well established markets. There was one market no one had tried to establish it yet. Jonathan Ive, Jon Rubinstein, Tony Fadell and Michael Dhuey from Apple, started working on creating the APPLE IPOD. The product was created in less than a year and it was unveiled on October 23, 2001. Apple Ipod could store 1000 songs into your pocket with it's 5GB model.
After years, Apple still rules the digital music player market with it's Ipod Shuffle, Nano, Touch, etc. Apple is liked by it's consumers. I'm one of their happy customers.
This is the History of the Ipod which was a great invention indeed.

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